Leadership Lessons from the Comedy Club

Tired of bad presentations and boring meetings? Bring your corporate events to the next level with Leadership Lessons from the Comedy Club! Learn how to interact with the audience, give a warm speaker introduction, or use humor in your presentation. These and many other practical skills will be on the menu at Markus’ unique workshop.

If you organize or present at corporate events like conferences, trainings or meetings, this workshop is for you. Highly interactive with practical exercises, you can use these skills right away, plus there’s a path forward if you want to develop further.

Skills for your needs

After more than a decade of hosting and producing shows and performing on stage, Markus has developed a wide range of skills that you can benefit from. Customize your workshop with the most relevant content. There are more than 20 modules to choose from. Examples include:

  • Warming up the audience
  • Using a microphone
  • Keeping the show on track when something goes wrong
  • Planning a lineup
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Making meetings fun

Flexible format

With its modular design, Leadership Lessons from the Comedy Club can be tailored to your needs. Each event could be a lunchtime presentation covering 2-3 modules, an fun-filled afternoon or a multi-day experience.

Because there is so much interaction between the participants, a face-to-face setting is recommended. However, many modules could be delivered via online video conferencing.

Interested in a workshop?

Get in touch to discuss how Leadership Lessons from the Comedy Club can help your company.