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Contributions to videos

If you choose to join me on one of my live streams or any other videos, you do so for free. You further give permission to use the recording of your contribution in other videos and on other platforms.

You commit to abiding by the applicable terms of the platform where the video is published (for example, YouTube, Facebook Twitch), including but not limited to their rules on inappropriate content. You will not use anyone else’s copyrighted material without securing an appropriate license.

Affiliate links

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Conditions of purchase

These conditions apply to the purchase of digital products, for example my OBS scene collections:

The product is sold ‘as is’ with no warranties and no support. I Because there are so many different hardware and software configurations, it may not work on your particle setup. All sales are final. When you buy this product, you are purchasing a limited license to use the included assets. You’re not allowed to sell, transfer or otherwise share the assets with others. Any damages are limited to an amount equal to the purchase price you paid.